Northern Thailand

Food obsessed, friendly, historic, hedonistic, curious, cultured – Thailand embodies all those words and more. It is a truly mysterious and alluring destination that calls to your heart and soul.

Loved around the globe, traditional Thai cuisine shows off all the most fundamental aspects of the Thai culture – it is relaxed, refreshing, warm, and generous. Most Thai dishes rely on the use of local and fresh ingredients – plump seafood, searing chilies, and pungent lemongrass. The varied national menu has been built around the four main flavors – sour, salty, sweet, and spicy. If you want to experience all the amazing food that Thailand has to offer, you will find you may need more than just a few days.

Outside of the cluttered and bustling towns and cities you will find the rural heartland of Thailand. This area is made up of villages, tropical forests, and rice paddies. In the smaller villages scattered throughout the region, you will find life revolves around the agricultural clock. In the northern part of the country, fields and forests meet the toothy blue mountains which are decorated with amazingly beautiful waterfalls and deep caves. To the south, you will encounter limestone cliffs that poke out of a cultivated landscape similar to a prehistoric skyscraper. Other cliffs are found emerging from the turquoise sea. The northeast portion of Thailand is considered arid and looks to be a beautiful emerald shade of green during the rainy season thanks to the green rice shoots that carpet the ground.

Along with amazing outdoor activities, you will also encounter an array of golden Buddhas and temples in both the urban and rural area. The ancient banyan trees often line these areas, providing you with a look at the area’s history and the bright future. This is another must-visit area.