Train Travel

Choices come in different shapes and sizes in our everyday activities – ranging from what to wear, or eat, to what to say, and of course, there’s the, what form of transport is best for each individual. Below, you’ll find different types of transportation methods along with the pros and cons of each so you can decide which is the best mode for you.

Planes – PROS

  • Going by air will provide a trip devoid of traffic or road blocks, accessorized with hostesses doting on you, and of course;
  • There’s the beautiful, tranquil view of the clouds when you look out the window.
  • Asides from the occasional turbulence, it provides a pretty smooth journey, with snacks and/or food and drinks and you get to your destination in time, and not all ruffled up.

Planes – CONS

  • Pricy tickets are at the top of this, and having to show up about an hour before the flight, with the risk of otherwise missing the flight and not getting another in good time.
  • Although, most people take planes because it gets to their destination on time; when security check points, luggage wait and getting to your destination from the airport are factored in, timing might not be the number one reason anymore.

If you’re about coziness and a ‘we’ll get there when we get there, but in time’ life, this is your choice.

Trains – PROS

  • Trains provide the most amazing views because they go at a pace where you can take it all in.
  • Worrying about traffic isn’t in the books for trains because they have their own routes- the railway
  • In addition to the fact that trains are environmental friendly, and safe, there’s the luxury of showing up minutes before your train takes off, and in some cases, if you miss your ride, you can just catch another one.

Trains – CONS

  • Trains are not very suitable for short distances.
  • Although they are common, their routes present a lot of limitation and a leave no room for some location flexibility.

If you’re about the wind in your hair, on-the-go playlist, and the ‘just drive!’ life, here’s the guy for you.

Automobiles; also known as motorcar or just car, are majorly, a four-wheeled vehicle designed mainly for passengers and is mainly driven by an engine that combusts volatile fuel internally.

Automobiles – PROS

  • Cars provide some level of control and freedom; from getting to choose when to start your trip, to when to end it, to when and where to stop.
  • It gets to places that planes and trains can’t get to, like villages and remote places.
  • Speed regulation is your call, or you’re aware, and it’s going to take a very serious accident to rule off all chances of survival in a car crash.

Automobiles – CONS

  • There’s the probability that half the time, you’re too busy behind the wheels to even enjoy the scenery, or there’s some bad road bump that just conveniently jolts you awake from time to time when you’re not the one driving.
  • Looking for parking space can also be a bit of a hassle, and when you’re in a new place, there’s always the fear of safety for your car.

Whatever transportation you choose, just remember to stay safe, make memories and have some fun.