Are you finally planning a trip to the Emerald Isle? If you are visiting for the first time, you may need a few tips to ensure you make the most of your upcoming vacation.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit; it will always be a bit cool in Ireland – even if you go there in August. How warm or cool the temperature is will depend on where you actually go. There are some days during the summer when you will feel comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts, but this usually changes quickly. The best way to fully prepare for the fluctuating weather conditions is by wearing layers. Take along sweaters, light jackets, and long pants so you are fully prepared if the temperature dips suddenly.

When it comes to traveling around, you should not expect to see everything during a single visit. Even though Ireland is only about the size of South Carolina, spending a few quality days in just a few places will result in a more meaningful experience.

If this will be your visit to Ireland, consider the Western portion, which includes Killarney, Doolin, and Kingle. Venturing a bit further north may be appealing too, where you will find Mayo and Connemara, which have unique and beautiful scenery.

There are some people who like to start their trip in Dublin, where you can visit some of the top attractions such as Trinity College, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, or Guinness Brewery before moving south to visit the beautiful and rugged coastline. Try to schedule a few sites, scenic drives, or towns that you want to see and then leave everything else to chance. This is going to give you time to really experience all Ireland has to offer.