With the luxe resorts, beautiful sands, and turquoise waters, Fiji is like many other tropical getaways around the world. Additionally, the 333 islands that make up Fiji cater to lovebirds, singles, families and more, year after year. For the adventure-seeker, such as divers and surfers, the archipelago’s coral reefs and impressive waves are calling.

However, Fiji is different from any other island destination thanks to the otherworldliness appeal. Because it is over 1,300 miles from the North Island of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji provides you with the appealing sense of seclusion. You will be as far from “real life” while enjoying the island lifestyle in Fiji.

One of the most appealing features of Fiji is the fact that the best time to visit is whenever you feel like it. That is because the temperatures remain constant throughout the year, with highs in the 80s; however, from the months of November to April, you may have to deal with a tropical storm from time to time. For the Fiji experience you have always dreamt of, it is best to visit between July and September. Just remember, this is peak tourist season, so the prices may be higher than usual.

Even though the official language in Fiji is English, you should also take some time to learn a few words in the native language of the Fijian people. For example, “Bula” means “hello” and “Vinaka” means “thank you.” If you plan on staying at a resort and going into town, make sure you dress modestly. Also, when going to a village in the islands, do not wear a hat, as this is going to be taken as an insult to the chief.

While there is a lot to know when visiting Fiji, there’s no question visiting these islands will be a trip you don’t soon forget.